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Senior Citizen Health Insurance

IRDA, i.e. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, is subtle with the special requirements of Senior Citizen Insured.

Government Rules:

It has been overriding aggressively with the regulatory actions like:

  • In the year 2006/2007, when a few of the insurers radically elevated premiums for hospitalization policy, it set down a tam for any such revision
  • Government constituted a Committee on Senior Citizens Health Insurance to go in some special requirements
  • Numerous recommendations were implemented for this committee
  • IRDA also issued the instructions below about the health insurance for senior citizens to the insurance companies:
  • People must be permitted to purchase a new senior citizen health insurance plan up to the attainment of age of 65 years
  • If the proposal gets rejected, it should be given in writing with valid reasons
  • A senior citizen insured must have an option to alter his TPS anywhere feasible
  • Minimum 50% of the pre-insurance medical investigation cost might get reimbursed where the insurer accepts the risk
  • No insurance company can decline the renewal of any health insurance scheme except on the grounds of misrepresentation, moral hazard or fraud